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Welcome to AXIS – Elevate Your Seating Experience!

Discover a new era of comfort and productivity with AXIS, our revolutionary ergonomic seating solution. Crafted by American Metamorphics Corporation, AXIS is not just a chair; it’s a commitment to your well-being and optimal performance. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of adaptive design, customizable features, and advanced material technology. Whether you’re shaping the future of your office space, upgrading your home workstation, or fostering collaboration in a co-working environment, AXIS adapts to your needs. Unveil a world where comfort meets innovation – explore AXIS today and transform the way you experience seating. Your journey to a more comfortable, healthier, and dynamic seating solution starts here!

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Head Rest
Shoulder Rest
Floating Seat
Rubber Tread Plates
Thoracic Support
Lumbar Support
Contouring Foundation
Responsive Suspension
DTS adjusted tension, optional:
V-head rest, under lighting,
back lights, slip covers
Deep memory foam
padding, optional sound
system integration
Deep padding, Optional
Sound System Integration
25” Wide and 14” Deep
Deep responsive
memory foam
Deep responsive
memory foam
Long-Lasting, Rugged,
Diamond-Plate, Metal & other styles available
Responsive Suspension System
Hard or soft roll control
BALZ are available and provide mobility on hard or soft flooring surfaces; hard or soft glides are available for stationary models.
Sophisticated Look

Options, Accessories, Add-Ons
Overhead Projection systems, Rear-Mounted Overhead Monitors, Folding and Transparent Screens, Hands-Free eye tracking and gesture tracking,Retractable Arm, Elbow, Wrist, and Leg Rests, Media Center Patch Panels and Touch Panels, Stow Away Surface, and a CUP-HOLDER!

The aesthetics of the system are based on natural proportions that closely match the curves of the human body, the foundation of its ergonomic design
the user’s weight or BMI is used to vary the basic support systems behavior dynamically.

• Provides full spinal support
• Dynamically adjusts to the users
• Relief from harmful effects of long tern sitting

Appealing Style
• Uses top of the line coverings
• User selectable coverings available

• Flexible
• Multiple module
• Many Versions

• Integrated high fidelity and expanded audio
• Allows users choice of source device.
• totally immersive

Advanced Models
• Integrated PC
• Screen options
• Full Ergonomic Computer Integration
• Advanced High Performance User Interfaces
• Eye and Motion Tracking

Available in Corporate ID colors or choose from one of our designs in:
• Vynil
• Heavy Duty Canvas
• Hemp Cloth
• Leather
• Natural Woods
• and More

With the addition of Integrated Electronics, Bluetooth, Stereo Audio, and Battery pack, add-ons will include Elbow rests, Arm Rests, Wrist Rests, Leg Rest and more. We provide, freedom of movement, audiophile quality sound, and integrated computing, opening a pathway to full immersion capability for even the average user.

A full height seating solution with lumbar, upper back and shoulder unit, the system has been designed to take into account the physical needs of each of the user types, freedom of movement, and versatility of use are carefully considered. The system provides basic support to the human form in whichever approach they choose to do their activity.


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