Design Approach: Target users, their needs, and how they are met.

Shop User

The typical low chair, used for assembly and other work, very mobile is used by those working closely with their work. They need clear space in front of them, lean forward or effectively crouch to perform their work. Current solutions provide inadequate support to the lower back, and little space for organizing tools and the like.

To meet these needs, the Spartan I with a Straddle Saddle, Lumbar Pillow Block (angled lower and extended from the default line), and Tool Modules are combined.


Solutions used to perform more table level work, be it assembly line work, in a lab at a microscope or other such tasks that require leaning over the target work suffer similar deficiencies as those for other labor intensive tasks; Poor lumbar support, no thoracic support, poor leg support, and frequently no seat padding.

To address these needs, the Spartan II with either Floating Seat solution, used in a rearward facing configuration, optionally with Tool Modules provides a better solution. This provides good abdominal and thoracic support with largely unimpeded movement, good leg support, and comfortable seating. Adding a tool module places the tools at the user’s fingertips and may be customized.

Computer • Office • 
Data Processing

The typical data processing environment requires the user to be tied to a fixed monitor, keyboard and mouse. Typically requires some small space for source material, phones, filing etc… This presents all the typical office workers issues. The need to sit for long periods with little motion other than the hands, and the odd filing activities are typical. This user requires full spinal support, ease of movement, integrated PC, mouse, keyboard, phone or headset. Focused lighting on the work at hand is a must. Easy access to the PCs removable storage is beneficial but not necessarily required. In many data processing environments, easy duplication of data is discouraged for privacy reasons.

To meet the needs of this user we provide the Axis I and Longitude I solutions, providing full body support, arm, and wrist support for typing. The desired office environment will decide between the two models. Use of the Axis I system is recommended for typical desk applications where keeping with the traditional office layouts are required. In office environments where a new approach can be taken, the desk and external PC may be eliminated all together. The user’s complete environment is located within the system. Longitudes full body support, integrated PC, eye tracking and leg rest mounted mouse buttons provide one of the fastest, most efficient interfaces ever for typical word processing. Use of the arm rest mounted keyboards provides and environment where the user never has to lift a hand away from the keyboard. Sidecar or overhead monitor may be chosen to meet the user’s specific needs. Additional Tool Modules can be added to provide easy access storage for forms, documents etc…

Customer service • Cube Farms • Efficiency Environments

Efficiency environments are the plague of the new millennium. We pack people like cattle into the smallest possible space. Often these cube farms are filled with the likes of phone service personnel, are noisy, and replete with the usual slew of office seating failures. This form of working environment is stressful, claustrophobic, strained and uncomfortable. We see record numbers of people with injuries to wrists, hands, arms shoulders, backs necks, eyes etc…

The typical cube farm attempts to achieve high density seating, noise control by way of the fabric covered cubes. They wind up paying high medical insurance bills, hiring ergonomic experts to try to solve the problems from a poorly conceived working environment and require frequent facilities intervention, moving and configuring cubicle systems. These expensive partition systems often incorporate power distribution, lighting, storage solution, and networking infrastructure. They are complex, expensive, and prone to failure. Most offices have a room full of these unused or broken partitions, chairs, desks, filing cabinets, cabling etc… all a waste of valuable capital and space.

These issues can be addressed by use of the Axis Series, weather the solution is to improve the standard desk model with Axis solutions, or by eliminating the cube farm altogether by making use of the Longitude series. Longitude lends its self to creating open free form work groups and clusters. Positioning these in a circular or linear array provides a high density office solution.

Longitude may be docked with a power and network distribution tower named Eclipse. Eclipse allows for the use of a centralized highly secure server, and fanless terminal systems within the seating solution. In this application the traditional office is entirely contained within Longitude. This reduces maintenance, computing cost, and floor space issues. White noise generators within the system keep a quiet controlled acoustic environment. For privacy and further audio isolation, acoustic panels may be added between Longitude units. Each unit provides focused high efficiency LED lighting minimizing power usage per seat.

As Longitude may be undocked and moved, personnel can easily move between work groups, keeping their specific configuration with them. One person, one system, no more wasted space or equipment.


The developer’s needs are focused on the computer, and strains from professional computer centric activities. This group spends the largest amount of chair time under great stress. The developer’s lifestyle is most sedentary and poses the greatest health risks to the user. Years of development and research have been dedicated to understanding the combination of issues facing these workers. Their need for physical support is the highest. Attention to additional conditions must be addressed in a solution for these users.

Longitude II is specifically engineered for the developer. The complete system offers the most and flexible set of features one could ask for.

  • Full body support assures valuable intellectual contributors remain healthy, comfortable, and at peak performance.
  • 3D Enhanced sound provides an environment even sound creators and other audio engineering professionals can appreciate, as well as providing a pathway to audio harmonic stimulation to reduce fatigue in users.
  • Full body motion tracking, eye tracking combined with foot operated mouse buttons, integrated keyboards in QWERTY, or Dvorak formats, and gesture macro capability provide the user the most flexible, motion efficient, strain eliminating input system available.
  • Multiple screen capability, and integrated fan-less PC, Eclipse terminal, or user specified system allows the user to tailor the system to meet their horsepower requirements.
  • Full prone reclined mode with extremity elevation above the heart, to full erect configurations, or anywhere in between are available to further tailor the system to the user’s specific environmental requirements.

All of the features designed into the Longitude II are not only geared towards alleviating the harm this kind of work does, they are in fact endeavors to reverse the entire trend and actually create a beneficial seating solution that enhances the performance and health of the user while enhancing the work environment.


Whether you want to create a unique office space with comfort, abandon the desk, save your neck & back, fit into a dorm room, or create your own exciting home theater or gaming experience, we have the options!


Going to work every day has more than enough challenges for you to face, but you’ll never have to deal with physical pain when a SPARTAN’s got your back!

Learning & Fun

Looking for a modest footprint and an immersive multimedia experience that won’t leave your spine or your wallet feeling a bit more than cramped?

Space Planning

Have one of our engineers help plan out your customized space with a wide selection of coverings, Bluetooth Enabled, Wireless, Sizes for all Users, Integrated Computers, Ergonomic Features, Integrated Audio, and a variety of components and modules that satisfy the most demanding feature requirements.  …and there’s a cup holder!


noun 1. (functioning as in) the study of the relationship between workers and their environment, esp the equipment used. Also called biotechnology.


A cutting edge, game changing technology that is about to disrupt entire industries.


A new leap in ergonomic seating solutions for home, office, industrial, laboratory and more.


A breakthrough in oral dentistry technology that guides alignment and structure.


Synthetic bees that work indepentently, or as a swarm, as a mass pollination solution.


Protection against extreme heat, fire, and blasts of various kinds, and much, much more.


The ultimate universal mobile footting solution for anything that needs to move.

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