AMC is to be driven by innovation, always seeking out applications of cutting edge developments in engineering as well as looking to the past for unexplored opportunities. To not restrict its self to any one concept of technology. To diversify across domains, reaching into consumer products, such as furniture, clothing, and sports wear, industrial products such as heavy equipment and exoskeletal augmentation suits, medical products such as surgical tools and implants.

A company that integrates vertically where possible to minimize the effects of geopolitical turmoil and fosters the growth of American industry. Employment with the company is to be as much a goal for young and old engineers alike as their choice in university. A company that is open to creatives that fosters their development and does not care about degrees.

The Corporate culture will not be unlike Google Labs or IDEO or Frog, but with the clear goal of commercialization like Apple or Microsoft without cornering itself into making more and more expensive iPhones despite the lack of clear advancements.

I want this company to be like me… Creative, Flexible, and Driven. My mom suggested I sum the company up in just three words, and here they are:

“We commercialize innovation.”

- Gibson D. Elliot, Chairman/CEO

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