The Future of Conformal Actuators

The Metamorphics Patent Portfolio unveils an innovative design paradigm, offering comprehensive coverage across design, control, and manufacturing aspects of our groundbreaking technology. This affords us boundless opportunities for proprietary applications in the broadest possible market space.


Our ergonomic seating solution delivers premium features akin to high-end systems, but at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, it surpasses expectations by offering upgradable modules and accessories, transforming it from a mere chair into a comprehensive solution. It represents a strategic investment opportunity in the furniture market.


An Orthodontic Archwire Solution

Introducing an advanced Orthodontic technology offering seamless ‘hands-free’ Archwire Treatment, ensuring consistent reliability and enhancing patient comfort. With a focus on minimizing costly retreatment, this innovative solution presents a compelling investment opportunity in the orthodontic industry.


Universal Autonomous Pollination Solution

Introducing an innovative autonomous pollination solution, designed to sustain flora, fauna, and overall ecosystem health. With a commitment to the greater good, these cutting-edge ‘devices’ are directly subsidized to the beekeeping industry, fostering global sustainability and supporting a vital sector. An investment opportunity aligned with environmental stewardship and economic resilience.


Thermal Protection Solutions

Dedicated to safeguarding the courageous individuals who risk their lives daily for the greater good, Firestorm technology stands as a shield for our heroic first responders and those confronting perilous situations. An investment in Firestorm is an investment in protecting those who face adversity head-on, ensuring their safety and well-being while they selflessly serve our communities.


Universal Mobile Footing Solutions

AS OUR FIRST DELIVERABLE PRODUCT!: BÄLZ disrupts the stagnant norms of an industry entrenched in outdated concepts, injecting style and innovation into every setting from garage to office. With a diverse range of applications including carts, chairs, furniture, and beyond, BÄLZ opens doors to limitless creative redesign possibilities. The traditional caster is rendered obsolete as BÄLZ offers adaptability and versatility, fitting seamlessly onto nearly any unit, anywhere. An investment in BÄLZ is an investment in revolutionizing mobility and design across multiple sectors. …plus, you get to say ‘BÄLZ’ a lot. Win-win!


We are actively seeking investors and venture capital to begin operations, manufacturing, distribution and scaling up the operations as need to fullfill the needs of the various projects that we are developing and deploying into various martkets and industries. Don’t miss out. Click here now to learn more!

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