A highly advanced autonomous synthetic pollinator that runs on solar energy. This system was created in response to Colony Collapse Disorder and was the impetus for the creation of Metamorphics. The beez can be released in mass into agricultural environments to autonomously disperse and spread pollen across acres of crops. Beez are leased to Beekeepers who in turn provide services along traditional commercial lines. The Beez are maintained by AMC as a resource and are provided at cost so as not to burden the Beekeeper with replacement costs.


BUZZ - Revolutionizing Agriculture with Synthetic Bees



BUZZ, an ingenious creation by American Metamorphics Corporation, is not just a product; it’s a revolutionary solution to a global challenge. As synthetic bees, BUZZ provides an innovative and sustainable mass pollination solution, addressing the critical issue of declining bee populations and ensuring the health and productivity of agriculture.



Key Features

1. Autonomous Pollination:
BUZZ operates autonomously, mimicking the natural behavior of bees in pollination. This innovative solution ensures the continuous pollination of crops, mitigating the impact of declining bee populations on global agriculture.

2. Mass Pollination Efficiency:
BUZZ is designed for mass pollination, covering large agricultural areas with unparalleled efficiency. Its autonomous nature allows for synchronized and systematic pollination, optimizing crop yields and promoting agricultural sustainability.

3. Adaptive Swarm Behavior:
BUZZ exhibits adaptive swarm behavior, enhancing its efficiency in pollination. The synthetic bees work together in a coordinated manner, responding to environmental cues and ensuring thorough and effective pollination across diverse crop types.

4. Precision Agriculture Integration:
BUZZ seamlessly integrates with precision agriculture technologies. Through advanced sensors and communication capabilities, BUZZ can optimize its pollination patterns based on real-time data, enhancing precision and resource utilization.

5. Reduced Environmental Impact:
Unlike traditional pollination methods that may involve chemical interventions or manual labor, BUZZ offers a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. It reduces the environmental impact associated with conventional pollination practices, contributing to overall ecosystem health.



Applications Across Agriculture

1. Fruit Orchards:
BUZZ is ideal for fruit orchards, ensuring comprehensive pollination of blossoms and promoting the healthy development of fruits, leading to increased crop yields.

2. Vegetable Farms:
In vegetable farming, BUZZ contributes to the pollination of various crops, improving the quantity and quality of harvests while reducing the reliance on natural pollinators.

3. Nut and Seed Crops:
Nut and seed crops benefit from BUZZ’s precision in pollination, leading to the development of robust and high-quality nuts and seeds.

4. Greenhouses and Indoor Agriculture:
BUZZ can be employed in controlled environments such as greenhouses, providing a reliable and efficient pollination solution for crops grown in indoor agricultural settings.



Target Markets:

1. Agricultural Enterprises:
Large-scale agricultural enterprises seeking efficient pollination solutions to enhance crop yields and mitigate the impact of declining bee populations.

2. Fruit and Vegetable Farmers:
Farmers specializing in fruit and vegetable cultivation benefit from BUZZ’s ability to ensure thorough and efficient pollination, improving overall crop productivity.

3. Nut and Seed Crop Producers:
Producers of nuts and seeds rely on BUZZ to optimize pollination processes, leading to healthier and more abundant yields.

4. Greenhouse and Indoor Farming Operations:
Businesses involved in controlled environment agriculture, such as greenhouses and indoor farms, leverage BUZZ for precise and autonomous pollination.



Market Positioning

BUZZ positions itself as a pioneering solution to the critical challenge of declining bee populations and its impact on global agriculture. As a synthetic bee system, BUZZ offers a sustainable, efficient, and adaptable approach to mass pollination, establishing itself as an indispensable tool for the future of precision agriculture.




BUZZ isn’t just a product; it’s a transformative force in agriculture. As it enters the market, BUZZ addresses the urgent need for sustainable pollination solutions, ensuring the continued health and productivity of crops worldwide. This synthetic bee system is a testament to innovation in the face of environmental challenges, ushering in a new era for agriculture.


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