Design Approach: Target users, their needs, and how they are met.

Console Gamers

The console gamer includes most game systems with motion tracking devices, handheld controllers, and handheld devices are their daily repertoire. All of these devices require a lot of movement from their users, freedom of motion is a must. Integrated sound is desirable. They have largely been relegated to the couch, recliner, floor or gaming chair. The latter typically being a rocker style floor model with some sound capability. Others are more like the typical office chair with sound. Largely these solutions come with no support, bad sound, and poor mobility. The integrated audio systems are at best stereo, sometimes with a sub woofer. Speaker orientations usually result in taking over a room completely. The sound is uncontrolled and often with ill effects, reflections, noise pollution, and so forth degrade the quality.

To address the needs of the console gamer, we provide the Axis II model (Also known as Hydra). This solution offers full spinal support, leg support, full 5.1 surround sound integration, and the ability to accept virtually any sound input. The solution offers maximum freedom of movement, comfort, support that places the user in the audio sweet spot regardless of size, great sound with the added benefit of reducing noise pollution. Don’t forget the optional Tool Module for your snacks, drinks, remotes, motion tracking devices, etc…

PC Gamers

The traditional PC Gamer user finds themselves with a large array of options and problems. This user may have a keyboard, mouse, Joystick, trackball, or any number of other devices. Largely this user suffers from the traditional office users problems.

They work from a fixed monitor and in general move little but the hands. Poor support all around seems to be the standard. Here they need full spinal support, legs support, head rest, arm rest, general desk posture. They need additional support for the wrists, better circulation through the body to cope with longer seating times and minimal motion. They need upper body support to counter shoulder, neck and back issues. They need their PC where it is convenient and accessible. Their keyboard, mouse or other device typically will be on a surface and need access to that. They need storage for media, manuals, and memory storage devices.

They need full audio capability, integrated PC, integrated monitor, USB port bank, lighting, and all fanless.

The solution here is Longitude I, Providing full body support, full recline, integrated fanless PC, 5.1 surround sound, integrated flat screen, integrated pommel keyboards, and game controller style devices standard and/or optionally the side car keyboard and mouse tray, or eye tracking with foot clicks in the leg rest.

Overhead USB ports and lights are in the overhead monitor mechanism, storage for media, manuals and other items can be placed in Tool Modules on both sides of the central podium for easy access, drinks, munchies or whatever.


There are a number of solutions available to advanced users of VR or Immersive systems, but these are often out of the reach of the typical user because they are expensive or tend to dominate their environment physically and acoustically. This type of user has been largely saddled with heavy head mounted equipment, or on the high end, large multi-axis full body harnessing, all lacking largely in the physical support department. Most do place the user in an audio visual sweet spot, but are intrusive and uncomfortable.

To enable further proliferation of these types of systems a realistic approach needs to be taken. Here the user needs a physical support system that minimizes intrusion into the virtual experience. This user needs good mobility. The user obviously needs a good 3D audio system capable of rendering full spatial sound and accurate psycho spatial representations. Optimally, psychoacoustic effects should be offered to enhance physical motion simulation. Visually, the user should be presented with input that offers good 3D spatial representation without being made to feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable due to weight and temperature. Haptic interfaces leave much to be desired and as such making use of video motion tracking to track eyes, head and hands is seen a optimal.

Longitude II is intended to meet the needs of the Immersive user, we start with Longitude I, full body support, optionally using the Straddle Saddle to allow for full upright posture with support. An alternate Leg Rest system that hangs straight down allows for simulation of walking, jumping etc… The existing audio system is upgraded by introduction of a pre-post processing audio spatial subsystem, this system ties into the PC/VR system and re-renders audio, adding enhanced psychoacoustic effects that respond to head, body vector changes, environmental sounds and effects (e.g. low frequency for base motion, sudden drops and the likes.) This subsystem couples to the lighting system in the overhead monitor module to enable effects such as background lightning effects, subliminal peripheral motion effects, explosions etc…)

Advanced motion tracking video cameras capture body motion, eye location, and gestures. Software allows translation of gestures and can be programmed in a macro mode to allow the user to customize interaction with virtually any PC/VR based application.

Optional side screens enhance the 3D visual effect while remaining unobtrusive.


The Audiophiles primary needs center around the audio. Frequently this type of user goes to great length to achieve a user centric configuration. They even go as far as to place specific furniture and other objects within their environment to cope with poor acoustic conditions. Their systems are expensive, immobile, large bulky and require extensive tuning to achieve the quality they desire. They are also subject to external interference from noise pollution despite extreme efforts. In the alternative they must use very expensive head phones or ear buds that can cost in the neighborhood of $400.00 per set alone.

Axis and Longitude provide solutions that are user centric, tunable, and with 24 bit audio, provide unparalleled audio fidelity. The user centric speaker system eliminates many of the issues introduced by the user’s environment. The entire system is designed to function as a speaker box, and as such, great attention has been paid to speaker cavity, baffling, and porting. Special consideration has been given to construction of the system so as to assure the system is vibration, and interference free.  The audio is internally focused to apply as much of the acoustic energy into the body of the user for an enhanced tactile experience. Acoustic panels may be added to reduce exterior noise pollution, audio corruption, and reflections.

The system is designed to keep the user, regardless of size, within the audio sweet spot, while providing comfort, and mobility. This system is ideal for small environments where the user has little control over the external conditions. Portability opens up new listening opportunities for the user. A nice shady spot on the patio becomes an unprecedented reality for the audiophile.


Whether you want to create a unique office space with comfort, abandon the desk, save your neck & back, fit into a dorm room, or create your own exciting home theater or gaming experience, we have the options!


Going to work every day has more than enough challenges for you to face, but you’ll never have to deal with physical pain when a SPARTAN’s got your back!

Learning & Fun

Looking for a modest footprint and an immersive multimedia experience that won’t leave your spine or your wallet feeling a bit more than cramped?

Space Planning

Have one of our engineers help plan out your customized space with a wide selection of coverings, Bluetooth Enabled, Wireless, Sizes for all Users, Integrated Computers, Ergonomic Features, Integrated Audio, and a variety of components and modules that satisfy the most demanding feature requirements.  …and there’s a cup holder!


noun 1. (functioning as in) the study of the relationship between workers and their environment, esp the equipment used. Also called biotechnology.


A cutting edge, game changing technology that is about to disrupt entire industries.


A new leap in ergonomic seating solutions for home, office, industrial, laboratory and more.


A breakthrough in oral dentistry technology that guides alignment and structure.


Synthetic bees that work indepentently, or as a swarm, as a mass pollination solution.


Protection against extreme heat, fire, and blasts of various kinds, and much, much more.


The ultimate universal mobile footting solution for anything that needs to move.

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